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New Album “Jackpot”

FEB. 22, 2019



Raised from the ashes of the acclaimed Blind Pig

Records project, “Contino”, Vegas Strip Kings is a

blues based Americana sound from Las Vegas,


With their unique influences and instrumentation

they have crafted a distinctive mixture of blues

based Americana with rockabilly and zydeco


The band’s “rootsy” style has earned rave reviews

and an ever-growing fan base in North America and

Europe alike.

To see Vegas Strip Kings is like watching a train

rolling at high speed down a mountain pass, it’s

frenetic, exhilarating, and you might often wonder it

it’s about to run off the tracks but – it never does.

Their interaction is quite instinctive, as they forge

serious meaning to each stanza, countered only

by countered only by their smiles shared on stage.



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